Writing Tips

If you want to write your own content, here are some tips

  • Get to the point in the first sentence. No cute stuff. Just the facts. You can provide the background later, after you’ve captured the readers’ attention.
  • Write in as few words as possible. After you’ve written an article, try cutting it by at least a third. Fewer words make for clearer thinking and less strain on readers’ limited time and attention spans.
  • Use lots of subheads to help readers quickly locate what they’re interested in.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Make sure everything has gone through a spell check before it goes into the template.
  • Be especially careful if you’re using a word that sounds the same as another, e.g. it’s (contraction of it is) and its (possessive); there and their (possessive); were and wear.
  • Use punctuation correctly, consistently and economically.
  • Avoid punctuation marks that you are not certain how to use, such as semicolons.
  • Reserve exclamation points for very, very important occasions. Use only one at a time.

Because people read differently onscreen than on paper, it’s important to

  • Place your most important eye catchers on the left side of the screen because eye tracking studies have shown that people focus there.
  • Position standard information such as your address and phone number in a separate column on the right side.
  • Employ banners and heads that readers will remember.
  • Use lots of subheads to draw eyes through the content.
  • Ease scanning with bulleted lists.
  • Warm up the newsletter with colour, photographs and other visuals.
  • Keep it short, linking longer content to your web site. Better still, publish shorter newsletters more frequently.