Write Like You Talk Only Better. Six-part ULEARN Series

Get results and respect by leveraging the best of talking and thinking

Write Like You Talk Only Better

Apply talking, your first and favorite way to communicate, to all the writing you do at work. Even better, add the planning and other thinking that comes with writing. Learn how in this fun book. Preview

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ulearn-graphicListen or read for about ten minutes a week. Practice with your work.

Keep score. Repeat five times. That’s all you have to do to use your business writing to help you rise from rookie to most valuable player.

With Write Like You Talk Only Better uLearn, you’ll advance from  setting objectives to adding Hollywood touches that will make you stand out.

You’ll start by evaluating how easy you are to understand and how interesting you are. Then you’ll ask the top questions you need to ponder before you start writing. You’ll get comfortable with writing like you talk, your first and favorite way to communicate.

You’ll make the most of your prime real estate, the opening and closing. You’ll write better, by tightening your content and applying other techniques that will help ensure busy people read and remember. You’ll learn to avoid the common gaffes that can make you look unprofessional.

Through this self-study course, you’ll learn how to up your game and reach for the stars. You can listen to the audio and read or review the text in the workbook. During that week, or whatever time  fits your schedule, you can apply what you’ve just learned to writing you’re doing at work, anything from routine emails to complex business plans.

In your personal workbook, you’ll practice and record the stars you earn for accomplishing goals and demonstrating progress. Links let you scoot around the  approximately 60-page workbook or check out recommended sites. At the conclusion, you, your boss or other important colleague will complete a quick assessment based on your learning objectives. To purchase your uLearn for $20 plus taxes, or to inquire about group discounts, contact barb@stickycommunication.ca.

To learn more you can listen to or read the first section. Or you can watch this PowerPoint video (pideo) about how typical learners, and their boss, found happiness and success through this program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9L5AJl58ps  

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