Write Like You Talk Only Better. Six-part ULEARN Series

Get results and respect by leveraging the best of talking and thinking

Write Like You Talk Only Better

Apply talking, your first and favorite way to communicate, to all the writing you do at work. Even better, add the planning and other thinking that comes with writing. Learn how in this fun book. Preview

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Better business writing will make you a more valuable player

Basketball player in mid-air doing a jump shotEveryone who works with a computer or mobile phone writes to build relationships, demonstrate their expertise, look professional, instruct, inspire or collaborate. They also spend many hours a day writing and slogging through emails, reports and other reading.

Writing has become a hot performance and productivity issue. That’s why experts, executives, engineers, entrepreneurs and almost everyone else need to sharpen their writing skills.

With Write Like You Talk Only Better uLearn, you’ll master the steps that let you combine the sociability and ease of talking with the thinking of writing. You’ll tailor them to your interests, time and job.

Every week you’ll spend about 10 minutes learning, from how to express your brand to winning with Hollywood techniques. You’ll apply what you’ve learned to what  you’re doing at your work. You’ll keep score.

Here’s a quick recap.

Within weeks you’ll be a more valuable player. Or your money back. The two versions reflect the distinct needs of small business owners and business communicators.

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It’s all about you

The approximately 60-page workbook for this online business writing course links you to audio, so you can listen and learn while you’re on the bus, treadmill or kicking back. It contains the written content for you to review. And it’s where you’ll practice and keep track of your gold stars.

The six sections go through the steps required to improve your business writing. You start by evaluating how easy you are to understand and how interesting you are and set your objectives. So your writing will become a two-way conversation, you’ll figure out how to cozy up to the kind of people you want to connect with and combine your personality with the brand you represent.

Then you’ll get comfortable writing like you talk, your first and favorite way to communicate. You’ll learn how to make the most of your prime real estate, the opening and closing.

You’ll write better, by tightening your content and applying other techniques that will help ensure busy people read and remember. You learn to avoid the common grammar flubs and other gaffes that can make you look unprofessional.

You’ll learn how to up your game and continue improving so you become a more valuable business player.

As you go through the program, you’ll measure, evaluate and reward so you can track your progress. You’ll have fun.

At the conclusion, you, your boss or other important colleague complete a quick assessment based on your learning objectives.

You can continue to improve, by returning to where you found challenges, following the links to more help and inspiration or keeping up through the Sticky blog and other experts I follow.

If the course sounds like too much time, you can read my book, also called Write Like You Talk Only Better. Or we can tailor weekly business writing coaching sessions to meet your individual needs.

As I said, it’s all about you.

Check out the first section.  Preview.

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