Stickemail brings new tool to small business

Stickemail brings new tool to small business

Stickemail has been creating a niche in informative electronic newsletters that build relationships. We have stayed away from the mass-market, ‘this month’s deals’ newsletters, in favour of mining the medium’s value for highly targeted communication.

Many small businesses, built on a deep well of expertise, could benefit tremendously from this approach. Often the problem is that they have limited marketing budgets.

So we’ve come up with a way to minimize their design and distribution costs. As a result, they can focus their resources where they will get the biggest bang for the buck—creating content and packaging their newsletter so that their clients and prospects will open, read and even act.

No time
Although most smart business people outsource their finance and IT functions, some think that communication is different—even if they take too long to get to the point, have trouble writing their ideas clearly or make grammatical mistakes that look unprofessional.

Even entrepreneurs with writing talent usually just don’t have the time that a newsletter demands. As one major supplier informed me, they start out with a surge of enthusiasm, blow all their content ideas in the first few issues and then run out of gas.

Focus on business
So the key is for Stickemail to develop a rapport with small business owners who understand how help with newsletter content and packaging can build their credibility, increase sales and free them to focus on their core business activities.

To keep costs down, I am partnering with companies that specialize in design and distribution. This way, we can help small business owners focus their resources on distilling complex ideas into clear, concise and compelling content, tailoring it into a scannable style and planning how it should be doled out.

New on our website
To pursue this market, I’ve updated our website with a page for small business. And I’m offering a comprehensive how-to guide for anyone who is considering an electronic newsletter. This will be valuable to all prospective newsletter producers, whether they’re writing themselves and using an inexpensive, off-the-shelf design and technical backend or coming to Stickemail for help.
Check it out. Pass it along.


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