News Letters

More about email newsletters

Email newsletters can

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Keep you in touch with important people
  • Encourage people to click on links to your web site
  • Attract loyal readers with content of specific interest to them
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • Help prospects get to know what you can do
  • Offer excellent value for your communication dollars
  • Help transform you from an unknown expert to a known expert
  • Avoid being mistaken for spam

The main differences between print and email newsletters

  • Readers scan more than read
  • Subscribers can become emotionally attached to you and your newsletter
  • You have only two seconds to grab their attention in your inbox

To encourage busy people to open your email newsletter, Stickemail will help you

  • Make sure the top section of your newsletter, the part that shows in the recipient’s preview panel, proclaims “Open me”
  • Use a subject line that captures attention, but won’t be confused with spam
  • Give them a good reason to read: usually a quick summary of the content of interest, in the subject line or introductory heads, plus an attention-grabbing opening paragraph

To involve your readers more closely, you can

  • Include a link to your email, where the reader can ask you a question or request more information
  • Use quick electronic surveys, to probe readers’ interests and opinions
  • Feature your photo, to personalize the newsletter
  • List events you’re speaking at, conferences you’re attending and other ways readers can personally connect
  • Provide a link to a blog version of your newsletter where people can post comments

To build a subscriber list

  • Offer incentives, often more detailed information than you provide in the newsletter, for new subscribers
  • Feature a subscriber link on your email signature and blog
  • Add people who offer you business cards to your database, sending them a welcome email and telling them how to opt out if they don’t want to receive the newsletter
  • Send news releases or advertise your newsletter in publications and on web sites of interest to your target market
  • Promote your newsletter on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks