Digital Marketing – Transformation From Past To Future Years

Digital Marketing – Transformation From Past To Future Years

Over the years, marketing has been trying to match the pace with the leaps of technology. First came on the telephone, then the television and finally the time of the Marketing Department. Discovery of the computers was the greatest gift to marketing.


It is always not possible to visualize the future, however, to look further, we have to check back as well. Here, we are going to discuss the three important technological developments that have occurred and changed the perception of a digital marketing company Toronto. The big data, the internet, and smartphones can somehow help us to predict the future scenario.

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Birth of the information superhighway


The fact that people have accepted the internet into their life has been the biggest help to marketing. The first marketing browser ‘Netscape’ was released in 1994. In the next couple of years, web users increased from 16 million to 70 million.


As the number of users was increasing, therefore there were changes on the grounds of internet marketing. Search engines were established and they gained popularity among the people. Google (1997), Yahoo! (1994) and other e-commerce sites like eBay (1995) and Amazon (1994) was a prize. Emailing was a new addition to the marketing world apart from radio, telesales, and print advertisement.


On the initial days, marketers used SEO techniques which included excessive tagging, keyword stuffing, and backlinks. These techniques were used to generate a high ranking. One of the famous companies that were well known for the marketing tactics they used and became a successful digital marketing company.


Big Data


Every online activity is stored as digital information. A study done in the year 2000, it has been found that digital information was the distinctive information that grew in rapid folds. This information is widely known as ‘big data’.

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The main reason was that in 2000 discoveries of storage technology and data recording came in and were a great resource for the marketing companies. The companies replaced their physical counterparts like CD, DVD, fil or paper and started storing information on the internet.


After the internet, the trend of dot-com was the new buzz in 2001 and there was a shift in the marketing tactics. Stress was given on inbound marketing through information sharing and collaboration. Commencement of more social media sites like LinkedIn (2002), Facebook (2004), MySpace (2003) and Twitter (2007) made the work easier for internet users to share data online. 




The smartphones and tablets are the best inventions made and have emerged as the smart substitute for personal computers. People go online through smartphones more than computers and spend time on mobile media.


The first-ever genuine modern smartphone was made by Blackberry in the year 2003. It had features that supporting email, phone calls, text messages, and web browsing. The phone was mostly used by business professionals. In the year 2007 iPhones were released and that made the entry of smartphones into the market. The smartphone ownership along with 4G users have increased rapidly.


Though the internet has changed almost everything, the old marketing forms still carry weight. Therefore, along with going along with the trend, the old type marketing is still a success.


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