Write Like You Talk Only Better. Six-part ULEARN Series

Get results and respect by leveraging the best of talking and thinking

Write Like You Talk Only Better

Apply talking, your first and favorite way to communicate, to all the writing you do at work. Even better, add the planning and other thinking that comes with writing. Learn how in this fun book. Preview

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Hello. I’m Barb Sawyers, the energy behind Sticky Communication. I’m dedicated to turning good talkers into great writers so they can connect with more people and improve their results.me and coffee

I’d love to show you how you can apply your ease with talking to all your business writing, from routine emails to complex proposals. You can lean from my blog, book, online learning or coaching. Or you can catch one of my workshops or talks.

I first caught on to the dynamics of the spoken word when I wrote speeches for politicians. Then I applied what worked in talking to written communication. I plunged into blogging and other social media, where communication is a conversation.

I leveraged my love of language, and honed my training skills, by teaching advanced business English to international students.

Because communication is so individual, I created a business writing program that lets you learn how you want, when you want, on what you’re doing at work.

I have the experience and education to back up my unique approach.  For 15 years, I worked mostly for government, financial services and an agency for Apple Canada. Over the next 15, I’ve been writing for clients that include Livingston International, Honeywell, IBM, Carlton Cards, St. Michael’s Hospital, Providence Healthcare and Volunteer Canada, along with several ministries of the Canadian and Ontario governments. Then there are the many businesses and nonprofits so small you’ve never heard of them.

I have a master’s degree in journalism and an honors B.A. in philosophy. I’m certified to Teach English as a Second Language (TESL).

I’m also an active member of Toronto IABC and the past chair of the Professional Independent Communicators.

If you’d like to learn how to Write Like You Talk—Only Better, read my blog, buy my book or online writing training. Or give me a call at (416) 690-1473. I love to talk almost as much as I love to write. Especially over coffee.

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