Write Like You Talk Only Better. Six-part ULEARN Series

Get results and respect by leveraging the best of talking and thinking

Write Like You Talk Only Better

Apply talking, your first and favorite way to communicate, to all the writing you do at work. Even better, add the planning and other thinking that comes with writing. Learn how in this fun book. Preview

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Book Reveals How to Write to Connect

Pull ideas out of your head and onto the page by thinking about the person you most want to connect with, then writing like you’re having a conversation, advises Sticky Communication chief Barb Sawyers in Write Like You Talk—Only Better.

Write like you talk--only better“From simple texts to complex business plans, many people write for hours every day,” says Sawyers. “Some are struggling to connect and engage. Others fear spinach-in-your-teeth mistakes.”

Sawyers urges people to ask “what would keep your reader awake at night and what would get her up in the morning. By understanding one person, you can attract like-minded people and build community.”

By pretending to have a conversation with a reader, she continues, “your personality shines. Words flow. You relate your thoughts to others. For some people, this comes naturally, but for others it’s tough to throw out the formal, objective style that was engrained at school and work.”

Write Like You Talk–Only Better, available in paperback and for e-readers, includes tips on cutting word fat, spotting gaffes that spell check misses and aiding memory. Advice on sound bites, storytelling and other advanced techniques and worksheets for practicing help people reach the next level of business writing competence.

Barb Sawyers has a master’s degree in journalism and broad experience writing for big organizations, such as Honeywell and the Ontario government, medium-sized ones including Livingston International and St. Michael’s Hospital, and companies so small you’ve probably never heard of them. The Toronto business writer and trainer blogs at Sticky Communication.


Barb SawyersContact: For Interviews, a Print Book or More Information, Please Contact Me at barb@barbsawyers.ca or (416) 690-1473. E-books Can Be Downloaded http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/125854, Free for a Limited Time with Coupon Code BC25Q.

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