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Write Like You Talk Only Better

Learn the secret to pulling ideas out of your head and onto the page. Develop the skill most vital to connecting, selling online.

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Better business writing can give you the edge

I keep meeting smart people whose writing is holding them back. They’re convinced they know how to write because they’ve earned degrees. They’re recognized experts.

Yet, they’re not living up to their potential. Few people trudge all the way through their long emails and foggy proposals. Nobody shares their excitement.

They don’t know that concise, clear, compelling and correct business writing can separate the bit players from the rising stars.

The 4 Cs

Concise emails get to the point immediately and are read through and remembered.

Clear proposals inform, persuade and inspire.

Compelling plans attract support.

Correct grammar and spelling make you look professional. In fact, a study discussed in a Harvard Business Review blog found that professionals with fewer grammar errors earned more promotions and achieved higher positions.

So how can you update and upgrade your business writing skills? How can you encourage people to pay attention, understand, engage and act the way you want?

Let me help. I show people how to combine the ease and sociability of talking with the thinking of writing. That’s why I call my course and book Write Like You Talk Only Better. This unique approach works especially well for people who are more comfortable talking, almost everyone’s first and favorite way to communicate.

If you’d prefer one-on-one support, we can work together to develop telephone coaching sessions  just for you. Choose the approach that works best for you.

If free better suits your budget, you can read my blog, practice with the  worksheets that complement my book, subscribe to my mostly monthly newsletter or, if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, invite me  to speak to your group.


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